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Titron services offers many years of experience in several different fields in the communication sector, as well as to facilitate and develop advanced techniques in several business fields in Kosovo and other countries by cooperating with festivals, organizations, institutions, publications, television channels, legal rights, etc. Therefore, the main focus is culture, film, cinema, organization of technical work in various events and most importantly media publications.

Titron offer a wide range of services and provide complete client satisfaction

Titron is a multifunctional collective providing everything concerning subtitles, translation, post-production and projections. Aiming to improve the quality of subtitles and translations, above all Titron offers a very positive experience.

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Get your online translation quote in just a few steps: upload your content, choose the languages you want and get the translation price. Therefore, if the translation offer meets your needs, you can order online with a few clicks. After that your order will be processed instantly by our expert translators.

How It Works

Finally Titron can connect users with professionals to help viewers understand publications in their native language.


Ordering Services

With our multimedia team we offer translation, subtitling, post-production, video projection and many other solutions.


About Translation

We are able to translate many types of texts in different areas, as well as translate scripts and subtitles.


About Subtitle

Adding subtitles is the fastest and most effective method used to spread your movies and video series to different audiences.


About Delivery

We provide services as soon as possible, taking into account the project and the client's request for fast delivery.


About the Services

Titron Platform is a service site wherever you are, you can contact and easily select all your translation and subtitling needs by offering 24/7 service to fulfil all the requirements with our professional staff who are experts in their fields.

Above all, Titron maintains quality at the highest level by passing all documents through the pre-delivery control process.

Most importantly, with professional services you can save time and quickly fulfill all your needs for professional subtitling and translation services on our platform. Now, for instance, you can upload your document to the system and after that start getting the right online services in the easiest way!