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The art of subtitling is something that we have developed significant experience in over the past decade, and is a relatively straightforward and low-cost way of increasing the reach and accessibility of your videos

About the company

Founded in 2015, Titron is active in the field of translation and subtitling sector. We provide service with our professional staff to fulfill the translation and subtitling needs of our clients’ organizations, companies, corporations, businesses and individuals.

In written translation we offer services in many fields such as educational, technical, survey, commercial, literary, publishing. We offer subtitles for serials, movies, documentaries and promotional videos of companies and we also transcribe audio recordings, in Albanian or in foreign languages.

We cooperate with numerous and professional staff in order to provide all these services with the highest quality, accuracy and in the shortest possible time. Of course, we also use technologies that keep up with the times. Also we use graphic design programs to prepare files and use various translation programs for translation quality.