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Lightning Speed, Top Quality Translation Services

All your translation needs are met with Titron, specializing in fast paced, high quality document translation services that put you in the know.

Our work seamlessly transcends language barriers, putting the world at your fingertips, and making your job worry free.

Whether you need a business record, or organization transcripts translated into English and other languge, we’re eager to create an experience that will fulfill your expectations, and put you at ease.

Jump on board now; our translators are waiting for you. In a multilingual world, great translation services are paramount.

You need work done, and you need it now. We offer fast paced, error free, result driven work. You’ll get the best quality product, all in record time. We don’t miss a beat.

Best in the Business

An industry expert, carefully chosen for their skill, experience, and artistry, will complete your translation. We employ a highly qualified team of translators, who specialize in questionnaire, business, marketing, website, and technical document translation services.

Ready… Set…Go

We guarantee 1-4 pages within 24 hours, 5-9 pages within 48 hours, and exceptional time quotes for documents over 10 pages*. We know you’re on deadline. Our online service makes your life easy.

Drop us a line, we’re ready to work some magic

We are a web-only company, so all you have to do is send your document our way, and we’ll complete the translation process and return flawless results. For a quote, simply send us the document, and we’ll immediately respond with the project rate and time frame.

We offer 100% confidentiality, and pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build with our clients. You’ll get fast turnaround, error-free work, and all at our convenient rates. Our specialists will tailor each document to your needs; providing culturally appropriate work that retains every detail.


Titron is a team of collaborative, innovative people who enjoy contributing to our dynamic, rewarding culture. We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for working critically—and with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie.


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