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High-quality Translation & Subtitling Solutions

Titron is one of the dynamic and leading translation & subtitling companies that follows the innovations of the sector, with 8 years of translation experience in the field of subtitle translation. Provides high quality digital subtitling and translation services for corporate clients and individuals at home and abroad.

Movie, TV Series and Digital Subtitle Translation Services

If you want your videos to speak the same language as the world, the solutions of Titron’s creative translator and subtitle team are just for you. With our team of experts in subtitle translations, we rewrite, speak and prepare your videos in the language of your choice at world standards. 

Document Translation Solutions

Documents come in a wide variety of formats, and our translation professionals are highly trained to work with a large range of material including technical documents, commercial documents and legal documents. 

We offer services in English, German, Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Macedonian, Romani and other languages.

Our Special Translation Services :


Text Document


Technical Content


Commercial Content


Business Content

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Digital Services We Provide For TV Channels and Platforms

With our expert subtitling, subtitle translation, timecoding, and subtitle placement team that has international standards in digital translation services, we prepare your video in high quality in the format you want for different media. We provide subtitle translation and subtitle placement services to television channels and broadcasting organizations, production companies, media, advertising and public relations agencies, digital content producers, corporate communication departments.

Kosovar films exported abroad, serials and foreign films on online platforms, commercial videos, educational videos, video workshops, documentaries are the materials we work in the subtitles sector.


Closed Captions

We utilize our state-of-the-art technology as well as the skill of our highly trained subtitling experts to give our customers’ videos accurate and easy-to-read subtitles.

Our subtitle services include the production of closed captions or open captions for any video, easy integration for any type of file and platform, as well as 24-hour customer support.

Titron has provided subtitling for the top companies and educational institutions for over 8 years.  

Open Captions

Open captions have the same function as closed captions, but instead of being optional, they are ‘burned on’ to the video, so they are always visible to all viewers. Open captions are used where videos are expected to be watched without sound, particularly on social media, where 85% of viewers have sound switched off. Open captions also suit situations in which you are showing a video to a large group and want to guarantee accessibility for everyone.

Closed Captions

Closed captions appear as text overlaid onto your video and represent the speech, narration and sounds that occur throughout the video. Closed captions give viewers the option of switching the captions on and off. Most major video platforms support closed captions, including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. They are also common on broadcast television and streaming media platforms such as Netflix.

File Types & Formats

Titron provides captions in any requested format such as SRT, STL, SCC, XML, SBV, DFXP, SMI, SAMI and WebVTT. We also support special requirements including varied coloring, positioning, and frame rates.


How Does the Subtitling Process Work?

Titron! Has an excellent subtitling team and provides all sorts of services from beginning to end: transcription, time-coded file, translation and burn-in of the subtitles or delivery of any kind of files, depending on our needs.


This can generally be in any format as long as the subtitle provider supports the subtitle format required by the client.


Usually undertaken if translation into more than one language is required.


Sending the Source template to the linguist for translation.


The subtitle file is imported onto the subtitling software in order to perform final quality checks.


If the results of the quality checks are not satisfactory, the subtitle file will be sent back to the 
translator and necessary amends will be requested.


After all the final checks have been completed and expectations have been met, the translated subtitle file is sent over to the client.


If burning-in is also required, the client needs to approve the translation. If any 
changes to the translation are requested, these need to be communicated to the subtitler and will be implemented.


Once all changes have been implemented and the final version of the translation is ready, the burning-in process (if requested) will take place.


Your final video is ready, and will be delivered to you via WeTransfer, Dropbox, FTP or another file-transfer service of your choice.

Choose Your Plan

Titron is a translation and subtitling company that provides high quality professional services for over 8 years


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  • 2-3 Business Day Turnaround
  • Any .sub Format
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00 / One Hour
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Any .sub Format
  • Double Check

Up than 10 - 60h

00 / One Hour
  • 8-30 Business Day Delivery
  • Any .sub Format
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Quality Assurance

We use continuous quality control processes to monitor quality and accuracy at each and every stage of a translation project.


Translators are screened not only on language skills, but also on technical and cultural knowledge. Applicants must pass interviews and language tests for specific subjects. In addition, all our translators have at least five years of experience in their sector.


Each translated document is edited by a second translator to ensure accuracy and to address any linguistic issues. Each translation is checked word for word against the original, and any changes that are required are made to ensure the consistent use of correct terminology throughout the text. Again, the job is assigned to the specialist by subject.


At Titron, the translation process goes one step further with a final quality assurance step. Project coordinator revises the document to verify that editing changes and formatting have been properly implemented, and that there are no omissions or typographical errors.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Translation agencies and clients from these locations in the majority of cases prefer to use the number of words in a document to determine the scope of translation work.

In this case, standard translation page for English language consists of 500 words single spaced. Since MS Word (DOC or DOCX) is one of the most common text document formats, standard translation page will have the following parameters: Arial, point size 12, line spacing; single spaced. The same standard page will include approximately 500 words or 41 lines.

The price of the translation includes translation of the text. Translating is done by a translator who is qualified for a specific topic.

Legal entities settle the invoice upon the completion of the translation services. The payment period is 14 days unless otherwise agreed. Individuals settle the invoice after the translation. The service can be settled through e-banking, or with the IBAN number that we will send offer from Titron, if the offer is accepted, it will be automatically converted into an invoice and both sides will be notified by e-mail.

You can send us the text for translation via our website, by e-mail, regular mail, or by contacting us in person. We accept all types of documents and files, from computer files to paper documents.

The process depends on the format of the text that you send us for the translation. If the text is received in a format suitable for editing, the amount of text is quickly calculated using the translation program. If you send the text in a form that can not be edited, we first convert it into a format that is appropriate for editing and then based on the number of words, the number of standard pages is calculated. Based on the words, we calculate the price of the translation.

We always try to please the customer and, in the event of time constraints, we perform translations in a very short time. Within one hour after the submission of the request, we will send you an offer indicating the deadline for the completion of the project. However, the time required for the translation itself depends on several factors, including the complexity of the text, the number of translation materials, the language combinations, etc..

In the translation agency Titron we offer translations from most European languages. If you need a translation into a language combination that is not yet listed on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to find the appropriate translator.

We attach importance to speed, quality and reliability in translation and guarantee that our clients can easily contact us at any time. Furthermore, we aim to maintain high customer satisfaction by taking advantage of the technology available on the online.


One Platform for All Your Translation Needs

When you have essential, important documents you need translated, Titron’s professionals provide highly accurate translations with fast turn-around. We are available for any document translation from commercial document translation to technical documents. And we can preserve your document’s layout.

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We help clients succeed on global markets by providing them with the best possible language services.

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Titron specializes in translations between English, German, Albanian, Romani, Macedonian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish and other languages.

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Titron provides a range of customised, affordable translation and subtitling services to suit your multilingual needs.