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Quality is our number one priority for all our services. Our quality standards speak for themselves.

Explore our industry solutions

We offer more than just translation and subtitling services. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, we can find the right solution for you.


Titron is with you in post-production Services too! In addition to our translation services, we are with you at the time of creating your visual content.

Our expert production team consists of people who have proven competence in this field and have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise. You can take advantage of our post-production service or you can get this package along with our other services.

Visual effects, sound and music design, editing / montage, color correction, motion graphics works are carried out. Although it is rare, if there are any flaws or audio pops that may have occurred during the shooting, they are cleaned and finally the completed video file is delivered to you in the format you requested. You can contact us 24/7 to get detailed information and to benefit from one or all of these services.

Movie and Subtitles

Deals with cinema + audiovisual and communication? Yes & Delivered Anywhere!

We offer full service indoor and outdoor movie screens and rental equipment for all your events, anytime, anywhere – local parks, schools, film festivals and more.

Get everything you need for a magical night at the movies. We include a large movie rental screen and all the nice equipment like projector and sound system.

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